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A new file sharing service called “SendNow” is added in The concept of sending large files is not new but with SendNow you will be able to Send large files from your computer to one or many recipients. View files that you’ve sent off in the past, and see when and to whom they were sent. Keep an eye out for files that have been sent to you.

SendNow service allows you to track the status of sent files means you can see which recipients have downloaded them. Another very useful feature is File Forwarding; this allows you to simply forward already sent file to other recipients. If the documents contain sensitive information, you can require your recipients to sign in before viewing the file, and can set a particular time frame in which the file can be downloaded. SendNow service will go live in November 2010. You can put your email address on to get more updates.

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  2. Fantastic highlights pertaining to upload files for getting me personally begin. I am going to keep this particular website link and come back to this.

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