Linux Powers More then 85% of the World’s Top 500 Supercomputers


Linux Powers More then 85% of the World's Top 500 Supercomputers According to Top500, More then 85%  of world’s supercomputers run on Linux operating system. The open source operating system powers no less then 427 supercomputers of world including the world’s fastest supercomputer. Windows Compute Cluster Server 2003 and Windows HPC 2008 (which have now reached Release Candidate 1 stage) combined account for just 1% of the Top500 supercomputers, running on just five systems.

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Operating System share for 062008

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  1. BlogsDNA says:

    Interesting…facts , Linux is going to Dominate sooner.

  2. Rohit says:

    Nice article.
    Can’t believe that Linux has these high statistics.

  3. Jeni says:

    According to this, Linux domination is a lie.

  4. Felix H. Cat says:

    lol Jeni that article is an obvious joke

  5. Jonathan says:

    Er, Jeni – that’s a JOKE site. It’s supposed to be IRONIC. The clue is to look at the other pages.

  6. SomeOne says:

    Acctually if you look at those ‘mixed’ systems, most of them run Linux aswell, so it more like 90%.

  7. Nick says:

    It’s not like there are many other good choices for supercomputing. For more reasons than you can count, Windows is a bad idea. Mac OS is pretty stable, but it’s geared more towards desktops. BSD is designed for servers, but it’s not as popular and doesn’t have some of the features of linux and is designed with a minimum base system which doesn’t scale quite as well. It’s not so surprising that Linux kicks ass in the supercomputer field. Although, I’m surprised that nobody who has the resources to build a supercomputer doesn’t just write their own optimized OS in assembly or something.

  8. super greg says:

    Needs more BSD love :(

  9. Good Day, what made you want to write on poetry? I was wondering, because I have been thinking about this since last Sunday.

  10. lifemare says:

    no wonder. linux is the best if you don’t run a multi-purpose system. that’s his weakness and his strenght. I loved using Ubuntu for a while and serioulsy considered never going back to the dreadful windows. specially after the horrible vista. if an OS could be considered a virus that would take the cake. suddenly if you want to be up-to-date with hardware and software alike you have to downgrade your system. That’s the case for Linux also, despite all it’s flexibility and power there’s just no substitute for all the millions of different applications available for windows. Apple was able to conquer a lot of hearts and runs better now than windows with a decently competitive offer on software development. Linux can either follow it’s steps or proudly assume it’s role as a professional tool with a low atractiveness for home users. Although it’s most likely both paths will be followed considering the overwhelming amount of linux distributions. Best of luck. until such time i’ll regretfuly remain in the other 15%.

  11. Frogsmasher says:

    Finally some well deserved recognition for Linux. Though Microsoft owns a large share of home and office computers with Windows; it still cowers everyone time someone says “Yes, Linux has finally reached a stage where the common man can use it with very few hassles.” And Microsoft dreads the day… when the common man… finds out.

  12. axmukher says:

    In his early days Bill Gates used to have an Apple McIntosh computer in his room that he would use whenever he got bored with his DOS operating system. Now I presume he a Linux system.

  13. mrsleep says:

    Linux is the best OS for web serving, database serving, and that’s about it…

  14. axmukher says:

    I agree.

    What chances of Bill Gates buying it up? Or copyrighting it under his name?

  15. Allori says:

    Note that that would be 90% if you count the unix computers in that count…

  16. Ben says:

    This article loses a lot of credence because the TITLE has a huge grammar error.

  17. Matt says:

    Its funny because it states UNIX and Mac OS as two different things, but Mac OS, essentially, is UNIX.

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