Access Web Content Offline : Using Google Gears


Google Gears Google Gears is a technology that enable Gears for Web-sites and store information on your system hard drive. After enabling Gear, you can use these services even when your Internet connection  stuck due to any cause. Now Google Gears works with Google Docs but don’t support  Spreadsheets or Presentations. You can view your Google Reader feeds offline, but you can’t get to your Gmail or Google Calendar. First you need to install Gears, then visit Google Docs and open link and allow Google Gear security the service to store information on your PC labeled Offline in the top-right corner of the screen. The green check signal in the top-right of the Google Docs window indicates that you’re online. Click it and then click Settings to view your offline options. It will create a shortcut resulting dialog box on your desktop. In which you can disable the offline feature after selecting option. It will enable you to access online files and news feeds without an Internet link.

Set up Google Reader for offline use

access Google Gear content

Gogole Gears Meesage

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