Google Blunders


In recent years Google has made some great product for the software community. The best in their Search engine where you can search every thing that you want to search, but Google also have developed some blunders also. Some of them are listed below.

  • Google X : In 2005 Google try to be show more creativity in their home page so they have put some animated Graphics on their home page but it is more or less like the Mac Home Page.Google get trouble with trademark waters.

    Google X


  • Google Answers : Google Answers is a paid Google answers service. Google Answers more or less like the paid version of Yahoo Answers. To start Google Answers Google hired 500 researchers worldwide. After some time Google slow down the Internet traffic to this web site.?


  • Google Local : To help Local search Google has released it’s So called Google Local but Google Local does not get enough response from the Internet users. They are not keen to use the Google Local search instead of that they are using Yahoo Local or Live Local. After some time Google Local is merged with Google Maps.

  • Google Catalogs : Google catalogs is search able directory for scanned pages. Google catalog is faster then other catalog because its a product of Google, but Google catalog is very soon dead. Google catalog suffers the problem of character recognition.Google catalog also not index properly. There are a lot of difference in actual price of product and that you find over the Google Catalog.

  • Google Number Service : Google Number search enables users to search query two times fast as compare to their conventional search methods but this service is available only on WAP.
    Example of Google Number Service : using the new GNS functionality, a user can spell the word ’super’ by simply typing a 7 for ’s’, 8 for ’u’, and so on. By pressing only five keys (78737), GNS enables a user to search for the word, ’super.’ With conventional input methods, a user would have to press 12 keys (777788733777) for the same word.”

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  1. sheetal says:

    Never heard most of them, shows that google doesn’t have confidence in it’s own products. Otherwise it would have launched them aggressively.

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