New Security Features Introduced in Gmail


New Security Features Introduced in Gmail Gmail team seems to be working very hard to make their E-Mail service more secure. Recently Gmail team has introduced two new security features in Gmail. Gmail developers introduced Remote Sign out  and Better support for Phishing messages.

Remote Sign Out : Gmail users can sign into their Google account from different locations at different time. There might be possibility that users may forget to sign out from their Google account. At the bottom of your inbox, you’ll see information about the time of the last activity on your account and whether it’s still open in another location:

last account Login

By clicking the details link users can see more details about their recent activities. Gmail users can also sign out all their active sessions.

Recent Activities Details

Phishing Messages: Gmail does its best to put a red warning label on phishing messages but sometimes it’s very difficult for users to find the phishing E-Mails. Gmail supporting email authentication standards including DomainKeys and DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM) to verify senders and help identify forged messages. Now any email that claims to come from “” or “”(and their international versions) is authenticated by Gmail and — here comes the important part — rejected if it fails to verify as actually coming from PayPal or eBay. That’s right: you won’t even see the phishing message in your spam folder. Gmail just won’t accept it at all. Conversely, if you get an message in Gmail where the “From” says “” or “,” then you’ll know it actually came from PayPal or eBay. It’s email the way it should be. Gmail can easily reject as a fake anything that doesn’t authenticate.

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  1. Ajay,

    I really like the “recent activities” features of the gmail. Gmail is just fantastic and way above all the competitors. But it is simply amazing how they constantly work on improving and adding more *useful* features for the users.

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    That is a great feature…

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