Why Microsoft Struggling to find 1 Place in Internet


Why this big software giant is struggling to get the number 1 position in internet. To gain the 1 position doing so many things like investing a huge amount of money, trying to acquire the number 2 (Yahoo Inc) duplicating it’s own mail to (live.com), launching a new website for search (http://live.com), participating in open source communities encouraging developers to develop plugin for open source as well as for Microsoft technologies but their some thing is going wrong with big software giant.
1. Quality is missing
2. There are trying to copy each and every thing from their competitors
3. Focusing to much on their rivals Instead they have to more focus on their technology use and their improvements’ and their utilization
Google is utilizing Microsoft technology very well for example orkut is made using the asp.net technology
Google uses the concept of XHTML after that each one tried to copy the same idea and started building application with the same technologies.

In later articles I will figure out what Microsoft has to do to compete with it’s main rival Google it’s not the acquisitions that solve the problems it’s Microsoft attitude towards the internet will change the picture

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