What is Bachelor of Rural Medicine and Surgery?


Medical services in rural India suffers from shortage of doctors. To address this  issue, The Union Health Ministry came up with a new solution. Now they will offer a new course called Bachelor of Rural Medicine and Surgery. The course would be offer in three-and-half-year shorter than normal MBBS course and will not have any specialization. The Medical Council of India is currently working on the syllabus, and the first batch will be recruited next year.

Dr Ketan Desai, president of the Medical Council of India, Said

The students will not have to sit for a medical entrance examination, instead they will be selected from primary health centres on the basis of marks obtained in Class XII with Physics, Chemistry and Biology as subjects. Weightage will be given to those who have studied in village schools. The merit list will be drawn from these schools and not from metropolitan cities. As of now, we have decided that these students will work in primary health centres for the first year so that they have first-hand experience. The second year will be spent in a district hospital and the third year in a tertiary hospital. To begin with, 50 students will be enrolled. For five years after finishing training, these doctors will practice only in areas which have a population of less than 50,000. "For five years, they will not be eligible for post-graduate courses. After that, they will be at par with other doctors. Then they can go to the city and pursue PG studies

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  1. abhinandan says:

    plz tell about syllabus of brms,.eligibility,

  2. a.k. srivastava says:

    how&When ,I get admmision in BRMS, how many institute held BRMS, & how much fees will be paid

  3. Andybest E E says:

    Will foreigners especially from Africa where most of the population leave in rural areas be admitted for this programme. what might be the likely tuition.

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