Facebook Connect: A Big Threat to OpenID


facebook connect Facebook has announced that I will be rolling out a feature called Facebook connect, that enable Facebook users to use their Facebook identification to login into other websites including Digg, Hulu, and Discovery.com and see their friends activities on these websites. OpenID also provides the same functionality but the problem OpenID is facing is that their a huge number of OpenID providers are available, so instead of solving the multiple login problem they have created a new problem to remember all these new OpenID identification.

Facebook connect is good news for Facebook users as well as for it’s partners because currently Facebook has a user base of 120 Million users and at the same time it will be creating a lot of problems for OpenID, OAuth and other providers of similar technologies.

Data gathers by the Facebook connect technology can only be utilized by Facebook because its developed on the top of Facebook proprietary code, so this data will not work with OpenID also.

Chris Saad, open-source advocate and co-founder of the Data Portability project, Said

Essentially, Facebook is trying to replace all logins with their own, and control the creation, distribution and application of the social graph using their proprietary platform. The most scary part of this, is that while Facebook is quietly and methodically building out this vision with massive partners, the standards community is busy squabbling about naming the open alternative.

MySpace, Yahoo and Google have all announced similar programs this year, using common standards that will allow other Web sites to reduce the work needed to embrace each identity system. Facebook, which is using its own data-sharing technology, is slightly ahead of its rivals.

Source : Facebook Aims to Extend Its Reach Across the Web and Facebook Connect expanding, creating difficulties for OpenID

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