Most Popular Social Networking Websites in Australia


On August 14, 2009 ComScore released a study on social network usage in Australia. ComScore found that more then 70% of internet users visited social networking websites as compare to previous year only 29% of total internet users visited social networking websites. Facebook is most visited social networking websites followed by MySpace, Windows Live , Bebo and Twitter.

Nearly 9 million Australians visited a social networking site in June, making it one of the most popular content categories on the Web. Facebook led as the most visited social networking destination with more than 6 million visitors and growing 95 percent from the previous year. MySpace Sites ranked second with 3.5 million visitors, up 5 percent, followed by Windows Live Profile with nearly 2 million visitors. Twitter witnessed the most substantial growth, surging to 800,000 visitors in June, up from just 13,000 visitors a year ago. Orkut also achieved significant growth reaching 252,000 visitors, up 607 percent.


Top Social Networking Sites in Australia Based on Unique Visitors
June 2009
Total Australian Internet Audience*, Age 15+ – Home & Work Locations
Source: comScore World Metrix
  Total Unique Visitors (000)
Jun-08 Jun-09 % Change
Total Internet : Total Audience 11,044 12,386 12
Social Networking 6,862 8,857 29
FACEBOOK.COM 3,125 6,102 95
MySpace Sites 3,369 3,530 5
Windows Live Profile N/A 1,962 N/A
Bebo 1,627 1,475 -9
TWITTER.COM 13 800 6,122
DIGG.COM 329 494 50
TAGGED.COM 246 475 93
Buzznet 269 409 52
Orkut 36 252 60

*Excludes visitation from public computers such as Internet cafes or access from mobile phones or PDAs.

Will Hodgman, comScore executive vice president for the Asia-Pacific region Said,

Social networking continues to grow in popularity both across Australia and throughout the world.Social networking is now an essential part of peoples’ daily online routine, providing a level of engagement and reach that far exceeds most other content categories. Understanding how to leverage this audience successfully is both a challenge and significant opportunity for most digital marketers today.

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