Search Engine Share Report : December 2009


The Nielsen Company On 13 January 2010, The Nielsen Company reported top search providers data for December 2009.  According to this report Google still dominating search market followed by Yahoo and Bing/MSN. This search includes search data for total searches, unique searchers, search share, and all other search figures.Searches represent the total number of queries conducted at the provider. Example:  An estimated 6.7 billion search queries were conducted at Google Search, representing 67.3 percent of all search queries conducted during the given time period.


Top 10 Search Providers for December 2009, Ranked by Searches (U.S.)
Rank Provider Searches (000) Share of Searches
All Search 9,945,576 100.0%
1 Google Search 6,697,223 67.3%
2 Yahoo! Search 1,434,866 14.4%
3 MSN/Windows Live/Bing Search 986,247 9.9%
4 AOL Search 247,421 2.5%
5 Search 168,674 1.7%
6 My Web Search 99,474 1.0%
7 Comcast Search 50,325 0.5%
8 NexTag Search 41,393 0.4%
9 BizRate Search 31,612 0.3%
10 Yellow Pages Search 27,914 0.3%
Source: The Nielsen Company

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