Twitter Overtaken Most of UK Newspaper Websites


Micro-blogging service twitter has now overtaken most of UK news paper websites. Data shown by Hitwise showed that twitter is 54th most visited website in UK clearly showing that twitter is getting more traffic as compare to other UK news paper websites. Hitwise data also show one interesting fact that all major news paper websites get a good amount of traffic by twitter.

Hitwise is only measuring traffic to the twitter home page and not hits via third party applications such as Tweetdeck or Twitterrific. During February, 9.6% of Twitter’s downstream traffic went to News and Media websites, and 41% of that went to the News and Media – Print sub-category, which is dominated by the newspaper sites. The chart below illustrates the top News and Media – Print websites to receive traffic from Twitter over the last year.

downstream traffic from twitter to news and media-print websites

Twitter has already overtaken Digg in UK as the chart below illustrates, is now a bigger source of traffic for News and Media – Print websites. However, despite having overtaken Google News UK in terms of Internet visits, Twitter still sends only a sixth as much traffic to Print websites. Twitter is also a smaller source of traffic than News Now, while Facebook sends over ten times as many visits to the category.

sources of traffic for news and media-print websites

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