Last Page Of Diary Today


Rajesh:Finally, today is that lucky day for me. She said yes. I am so happy. She is mine. Finally my dream has come true. Oh God thanks a lot. You have made my day, in fact my life. Very few people get to live with someone they love; I am one of those lucky ones. My happiness has no bounds. I am very very happy today.

Niru left the company today, I don’t know whether we will be able to meet each other in future. I had gone to say good bye and wish good luck to him. He was talking to her. When I saw her face, I again felt some pain in my heart. Are they both having something? If so, why did she say Yes to me? Are they trying to cover-up something? Or is she playing games with me? Or am I coming as an odd between the two? I could see tears in Niru’s eyes when he left her and got into the bus. Her condition was no different, in fact she literally cried. She seemed to recover after a couple of minutes but the way she was looking somewhere into the vacuum, her face clearly was clearly telling her diligent attempts to control tears. Oh god, please show me the way. I hope I didn’t do anything wrong by proposing her.

The way they both were talking to each other didn’t show any sign of quarrel or fight between them. Then why they separated? Or they shared some feeling for each other and none of them just bothered to express it? Whatever the situation might be, she has said ‘yes’ to me; must be for some reason, whatever ; she is mine now. Niru is her past and she will forget him; in fact she will have to. Whatever the case may be, I love her and that’s it.


God: ok. Here is the end of this story, not particularly unique; in fact a very common one. You might be expecting me to interfere in it at the eleventh hour and change the ending so that either; before the bus starts, She runs to the bus and gets into it and goes with Niru to Mumbai or probably when the bus is about to leave, Niru jumps out and hugs her or Rajesh feels something wrong and just takes her on bike and follows the bus just to stop it and make her get into the bus for Niru and so on? Nopes. This is not a hindi film. This is a real life story and not a reel life one.


She took the decision after evaluating each option she had. She had thought practically in every aspect. Won’t interference by me be just an injustice to her thoughts? Won’t it be just a wrong deed on my side and that too just to please some others without any particularly sensible reason? It’s her life she will have to make her own decisions and will have to bear their consequences herself. Well that’s what life is all about, you make decisions everyday some important and some not so, some right and some not that right, only time will tell if those decisions would make you happy or not in the long term. There is nothing like the so called “Happily Ever After”, Life’s not that simple, where would be the fun in Life if it was that simple?


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  1. moserw says:

    Interesting reading, but got disappointed at the ending. But it really drew me in and caugth my attention.


  2. Devendra Rajput says:

    Its a awesome story and moreover touching real life aspects.
    One thing which i want to know your views, about her decision.

  3. PRAMOD says:

    at the end…….u dis appointed many of US…….dont u think so…!

    everything was working fine……y didnt u proposed yaar….NIRU….!

  4. uzma says:

    That was truly a lovely story.. many of us wanted to read the end directly. Luckily one of my frnd found out the enitre page for me.

    Well in regards to the story.. yeah it seems like a sad one.. but i firmly belive in the ways of god!.. He never does anything that shud be a mistake or out of fault. But whatever happens.. happens for a reason!.. I learnt that one important lesson in life.. and this story is another proof to my belief!. Something much much better in store for all three of them!

  5. D says:

    It would have been great if suddenly Rajesh and Niru turned out to be Gay and fell in love with each other.
    THAT would have been a nice Ending.

    For the rest of the people, i would say one thing.
    The Mr. God is actually right.
    This is actually what happens in Real Life.

    So, WAKE UP!

  6. Rohith says:

    It happens!

    Life is not only complex, its complicated!

    Not all love stories have the perfect ending. This one is more likely to happen in real world, infact may have happened numerous times, with slight modifications..!

    In my personal opinion though, say “Go to hell!” to the practical solutions! In love, its not meant to be like that. Live your dreams, make them happen.

  7. Abhishek says:

    Wonderful story !!

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