Sony Ericsson Now Support Skype, JAVA, Flash and TransferJet


Sony Ericsson Sony Ericsson , One of the largest mobile hand-set manufacturer  is now introduced a number of new and emerging technologies, these technologies will help to improve productivity for mobile for all type of users. This week In the Lund headquarters meeting Sony Ericssonteam said to developers that- develop more compelling applications with the greater functionality and give firms new ways/features so that we can  attract  more customers.

Sony Ericsson chief technology officer Mats Lindoff,  said

that recent advances in mobile technology, including increased processor power, improved connectivity and convergence of devices, have all opened the way for innovation.

Let’s have a look into technologies that Sony Ericsson may going to include in their mobile phones

  1. Skype: Sony is planning to embed Skype in mobile because it will increase the CPU(power) by 10 times in future. This step is taken-up because of technology perspective of mobile Internet boom.
  2. Java ME & Flash Lite: It’s a Sony Ericsson’s Capuchin project  to implement  Java ME and Flash Lite technology together, it will allow developer to to develop more compelling applications more quickly
  3. TransferJet: New high-speed wireless transfer protocol backed by vendors including Samsung, Canon and Toshiba. TransferJet can enable downloading of content from one device to another at speeds of up to 560Mbps, with in very short range(3 Cm).
  4. Hanashi project :  Hanashi is a project from Sony that enable mobile devices to connect to each other using an online client and after mobile devices connected they can share or transfer data. Cool thing about Hanashi is that mobile devices can transfer data even when they are off-line.

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  1. Rohit says:

    Thats a great news. TransferJet technology is really impressive!

  2. artem says:

    pipec xerI

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