Mozilla Bespin : A Web Based Programming environment for Developers


Mozilla Bespin Logo On Thursday, Mozilla labs unveiled a new open source project for developers called “Bespin”. Mozilla Bespin is a web based programming environment for developers it provides the benefits of cloud computing as well as developers can also use the resources that are available in their desktop computers. Current version of Mozilla Bespin is 0.1 includes some basic editing features such as syntax highlighting, large file sizes, undo/redo, previewing files in the browser, importing/exporting projects, etc.

Mozilla Bespin webkit editor

Mozilla set the following goals for Bespin:

  • Ease of Use — the editor experience should not be intimidating and should facilitate quickly getting straight into the code
  • Real-time Collaboration — sharing live coding sessions with colleagues should be easy and collaboratively coding with one or more partners should Just Work
  • Integrated Command-Line — tools like vi and Emacs have demonstrated the power of integrating command-lines into editors; Bespin needs one, too
  • Extensible and Self-Hosted — the interface and capabilities of Bespin should be highly extensible and easily accessible to users through Ubiquity-like commands or via the plug-in API
  • Wicked Fast — the editor is just a toy unless it stays smooth and responsive editing files of very large sizes
  • Accessible from Anywhere — the code editor should work from anywhere, and from any device, using any modern standards-compliant browser.


Introducing Bespin

Mozilla Bespin run all modern browsers and most importantly All of the source code underlying the Bespin experiment is being released as open source software under the the MPL.


Get Involved in Mozilla Bespin

Mozilla Labs is a virtual lab where people come together online to create, experiment and play with Web innovations for the public benefit. The Bespin experiment is still in its infancy and just getting started. There are many ways to join the team and get involved:

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  1. a great idea from Mozilla to make a better Firefox!

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