On-Demand Video Series for Developing on Office 2010


Microsoft is offering excellent recourses for developer for building Application on top of Office 2010. Microsoft is offering a new on-demand series of videos designed to simplify the development process for developers targeting Office 2010. This series will show how a developer can extend Office 2010 products, by using an application such as Word as the basis for custom applications – called Office Solutions – to take advantage of the existing interface which is already familiar to users. It includes information on how to customize the functionality and the interface of an Office application, and how to manipulate the data contents in code. The series includes:

Getting Started with Office 2010 Solutions

This video is an introduction to the concept of an Office Solution, including the advantages of choosing an Office Solution, and an example of what an Office Solution can do.

Creating New Functionality for Office Solutions

This video shows several ways in which a developer can extend and existing office application to create new functionality.

Customizing the Office Ribbon

This video shows how to make changes to the basic Officer user interface element: the fluent ribbon.

Working with the Backstage View in Office Solutions

This video shows how to work with the "backstage view", which is a new part of the Office 2010user interface. It is concerned with actions that don’t directly create or edit content, such as printing or proofing, and it can also be extended by the developer.

Office 2010 APIs

This video will show examples of working with the Office 2010 APIs to manipulate document content.

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