Manage All Online and Offline Passwords with PassPack


PassPack Password ManagerPassPack is one of the best PC Magazine rated password manager utility software. PassPack can store passwords, generate passwords and it will automatically logon to your frequently visited websites. If you have a CSV file containing the information of username, password and URL where to use these user name and passwords then you can also use PassPack to upload larger number of user name and passwords.Passpack let’s you to backup all your user name and passwords in an encrypted file.

  • Password Manager :Three easy ways to find stuff fast: do a quick search, page through the alphabetical order list, or click on a tag.
  • True 1 Click Login:Safely log into websites from your PassPack account. There’s no need to remember the password. Just click and go.
  • Personal Vault:Store codes, numbers, keys, notes or anything else you’d like available to you (and only you) anytime, anywhere.
  • Peace of Mind:The custom welcome message puts on a friendly face, while protecting you with innovative anti-phishing technology.

Some more features of PassPack

  • Anti-Phishing Welcome Message: Customized, IP filtered, Welcome Message.No other online password manager has this.
  • 1 Click Auto-login: Click to login as you browse. No plugin needed.No other online password manager has this.
  • Rapid Sign In with "remember me":Enter just one key to access them all.No other online password manager has this.
  • Import, Export, Backup and Restore: Move your data wherever you’d like.Some online password managers won’t let you!
  • Save up to 100 Entries (up, for free) :P aid upgrades will be available in the future. SPECIAL! pre-upgrade and pay nothing for months
  • Optional Offline Version:No Internet connection? Access your stuff anyway.PassPack, Lock and Auto-save When Inactive Decide when PassPack locks and saves.
  • Tags, Search and Alphabetical Order Paging:Find your stuff fast, whichever way you prefer.
  • Easy Entry Window:Just one click and fill out the form.
  • Password Generator:Quickly generate a unique password.
  • Scrambled Password Field:Safely hide passwords from prying eyes.
  • Password Quality Tester:Know how strong your passwords are.
  • Inline Help & Email Support:Read articles, or email support for more help.

PassPack Security Features 

  • US Government’s Approved, AES-256 encryption: No Packing Key? Not even PassPack can break in.
  • Host-Proof Hosting over HTTPS: Complete privacy, even with auto-login.
  • Automatic Updates: Quick and painless and free for everyone.
  • Two step login: Sign in without exposing your data.
  • Non-Permanent Account Info:All login information can be changed, always.
  • Strong Pass-phrases: Uses UTF8 pass-phrases, built in quality meter.
  • Anti-phishing Welcome Message: Be sure your connected to the real PassPack.
  • Disposable Logins: One Time Passwords for public computers.

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