Play FLV files in Windows Media Player


We all know that Windows Media player does not support FLV file format. For playing FLV files on your Windows Operating system either you have to install any FLV player or you can simply download this plug in from playflv and use your windows media for playing FLV files.PlayFLV plugin binds FLV files to Windows Media player so when you double click on the FLV files it directly open in Windows Media Player.PlayFLV Plugin is very easy to install simply download it and double click on it it will automatically install on to your system bind FLV files to windows media player and enjoy Playing FLV file on your Windows Media Player

Some key features of FLV plug in are

  • Free and Open Source

  • Light weight

  • Create file association

Downlaod play FLV Plugin

PlayFLV Website

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  1. Pavan says:

    To play FLV files on your default video player, you need to install PlayFLV as well as ffdshow which is a media decoder/encoder. Once done, all FLV files are played without fault.

  2. ewin says:

    let me try first. i will give a news later.

  3. Ahmed says:

    it will solve me all my problems thanks alot

  4. pratik says:

    Thanks you. Now i am able to watch .flv files on wmp11 through PlayFlv plugin…Thanks a lot..

  5. Nihar says:

    Did’t know about this. WIll download and try playing flv in media player.

    I am new to your blog. Looks great.

    Hope to see you on my blog too.

  6. Really it is an informative and good post. thanks for shareing information.

  7. ateeq says:

    thnks alot

  8. Jenkins says:

    It not working for me
    Please help
    I have Windows media player 11

  9. JomYray says:

    Thank you.
    I will try this.

  10. JomYray says:

    It’s work. Thanks.

  11. Johny says:

    Awesome! it works! n_n

  12. RamonNZ says:

    Wierd, I installed the flvplayer and ffdshow, and no joy on wmp 11.

  13. RJames says:

    Same result as RamonNZ. No help for wmp 11.

  14. Fragments says:

    This programme doesnt works i downloaded som flv vids off u tube and my media player cant play them. I use Real player to watch them though but i like media player better, i need a way to mAke it play flv vids

  15. L@!Q says:

    it really worked for me,
    i m using wmp 11
    on windows7

  16. koelimaya says:

    thx for share.. :D

  17. habeeb says:

    it is was very usefull. God bless

  18. teegill says:

    didnt work :(

    but instead I suggest use k lite codec pack

    just download from any site and you can play flv files in wmp 11 or 12 :)

  19. tonalee says:

    it not work , fddshow , k lite codec , not work

  20. pizzed off pete says:

    The situation with codecs is typical of the lack of standardisation stupidity that is rampant within the IT industry. There are more proprietary formats than I have had hot dinners, and non are compatible.
    I tried this solution, and it didn’t work. Users end up with a hard drive full off crappy video players to cover the multitude of junk formats that propagate the internet.

  21. hoova says:

    stuff media player install real alternative and Klite and you can play ANYTHING you like,media player is CRAP

  22. boba says:

    i have windows 7 – 32bit and it doesn’t work.

  23. Amit says:

    In my computer this not work properly so this is no interesting for me…..sorry.

  24. chico says:

    I dont have either and play flv with wmp11 all i done was rename from flv to mwv. Once I done this it plays

  25. chico says:

    if this works for you download my youtube downloader complete with c# source code from

  26. chico says:

    if this trick works for you then download my youtube downloader complete with c sharp source code here

  27. chico says:

    if this works for you then download my youtube converter complete with c sharp source code HERE

  28. chico says:

    I don’t have either installed on my computer and I can still play FLV with Windows Media Player wmp11. I just rename from a FLV extension to a WMV extension and it plays then and it still in FLV format just with WMV extension. If this works for you then feel free to downlooad my youtube player complete working program with c sharp source code HERE

  29. little jonny says:

    chico genious

  30. Nathan says:

    Well done. A download that actually work!!

  31. Anonymous says:

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  32. Anonymous says:

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  33. pelmo says:

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    You can check the link it might help you

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