Upgrade WordPress With Automatic WordPress Upgrade Plugin


Recently we get the latest version of wordpress that wordpress 2.5. Every new wordpress version comes some new features, security fixes, user interface improvements and many other things. In any hosted  environment there are many options available to upgrade  wordpress version. steps taken before upgrade wordpress version are

  • Backup all files in that are present in root directory
  • backup database
  • deactivate all plgins
  • delete all files except these wp-config.php, wp-content folder, wp-images folder and languages folder
  • download the latest version of wordpress and upload to your server

but there is wordpress plugin that will do all these task for name of that plug in is WordPress Automatic upgrade and this WordPress Automatic upgrade plug in is available at wordpress.org.The upgrade process is composed of five steps that are strictly correlated with the manual operations presented earlier. After an upgrade step is performed, you must click a certain link to go to the next step. The plugin provides also the option to automatically execute the next tasks (without the need to go through individual upgrade steps): files backup, database backup, latest WordPress distribution archive download, website maintenance mode initialization, plugins de-activation, files upgrade, installation upgrade and plugins re-activation.In order to automate the process of your WordPress blog upgrade, you will have to download and install the WordPress Automatic upgrade plugin and click the appropriate link to begin the upgrade operations in full automatic mode. This method of WordPress blog upgrade is easy to use, safe and works with all WordPress versions beginning with 1.5.

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  1. Tarun says:

    Ajay, I like this one very much. Very clean interface.

  2. ajay says:

    thanks tarun

  3. Tarun says:

    I am going to try and upgrade this weekend using your tutorial. Will keep you updated if I run into some issue.

  4. Tarun says:


    I have read on other sites that prefrably, if your blog is new and the subscribers base is not above 100, we should not show the RSS chicklet since readers prefer to visit and read blogs which are read by lots of other people. Thats the reason I took it off from mine.

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