Improved Live Search For Windows Mobile


Microsoft keeps improving Live search and this time they come with some more new features introduced in Live Search for Windows Mobile. Live Search for Windows Mobile includes Weather, Web search, Increased Traffic coverage, Bluetooth headset support, Map a contact, Delete a recent location.

Weather: Now Windows Mobiles users can view the weather conditions on their Windows Mobile using the Windows Live Search. Windows Live search for mobile also gives you the 4 days forecast.

Weather windows live search for windows mobile

Web Search: Web search can be launched from the Web icon.Launch web search directly from the client to find web pages, product price comparisons and reviews, news, images, and more.

Increased traffic coverage: Now view more up-to-date traffic from different cities in your Windows Mobile.

Traffic windows live search for windows mobile

Bluetooth headset support: Now you can use the speech recognition feature with your Bluetooth headset (available on select devices).

Map a contact: Open up a contact, press Menu, and then press Show On Map to view the contact on a map.
Delete a recent location: Simple, yet effective. Click the label showing your current location to display the list of recent locations, scroll to the item you want to delete, press Menu, and then press Delete.

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To download Windows Live Search for Mobile on your Windows Mobile or Blackberry device, browse on your phone to, or send a text with a download link (US). When the new features are enabled you will be notified of an update. You can also use Live Search on any mobile device from

Source : Live Search Blog and Lliveside

3 Responses

  1. Don’t really use Live Search, but might give it a shot. I’m using Yahoo Go! Anyone else use that?

  2. Bryan Hinton says:

    I have downloaded the client (I already had it installed), but don’t see the new features – I am running a WM5 device – have the new features been enabled? Am I missing something here?

  3. Brett Hinton says:

    WM5 has to install the .Net 2.0 framework

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